Frequently Asked Questions?

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What is INVENT?

INVENT is an Internship platform where students can learn, explore and experience working on different virtual internship opportunities. INVENT stands for Internship in a Virtual Enterprise.

Who can use INVENT

Students of ages 14-23 years can participate on this platform.

Is INVENT accessible on all devices?


Is there a free trial subscription available?


Is my data safe with INVENT?

We take data security seriously. Your personal information and usage data are protected according to our Privacy Policy. We implement security measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Do I need to have a subscription to participate in an internship program?

Yes you need to buy a subscription and it comes with ONE FREE internship. If you want to participate in more internships, you can buy tokens and participate in a program.

What is the duration of each internship?

Typically each internship is for 20 sessions and these sessions can span from 20 days to 3 months.

Can students get real internships also on this platform?

Not for now. This is a virtual internship platform where students run a virtual enterprise and learn. We will be launching a feature soon to help students connect with real internship opportunities.

How do I access a virtual internship on the platform?

You need to go to the “ Buy Subscription” link and buy a subscription. After successful purchase, you can click on the link called, “Join”, select a batch that is of interest to you and click on “Enroll”. To start attending your sessions, go to link called, ”start” and you will see the list of batches you have joined. Attend your sessions as per the video link and schedule provided to you.

Is there a cost to use INVENT?

Yes, Please check the pricing section to buy a subscription and access a virtual internship batch.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You cannot cancel your subscription. It is non-refundable. Please ensure you are serious about the virtual internship program, get all your questions answered before paying.

What if I encounter technical issues while using INVENT?

If you encounter technical issues or need assistance, please contact our support team at download the video recording which will be made available to you.